5 Ways to Relax More or Avoid Stress

  • When you are in an excited situation take a step back and take deep breaths. This will help you calm down and relax so you can take a less stressful approach of the situation.
  • Write down the results you want to achieve for example “I am happy,” “I can do this,” or “I will not let this stress get to me.” This will help you to attain what you what to achieve.
  • Except the wait whether you are waiting on a doctors appointment, stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store you can channel your thoughts to something more upbeat by listening to an audiobook, music or plan out your dinner menu. You could even text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or download a new app to play.
  • Picture what you want to happen or achieve. You can cut out pictures or use pictures you already have that shows you happier, skinner, or something that you want to accomplish.
  • Think about something else like a happy time or something that makes you happy like shoe shopping or chocolate. By doing this you take you mind off of the stressful situation at hand and allow yourself to go to a happier place and time.


Wodbom Box Review


Wodbom is a monthly fitness box designed to help you discover new workout gear, nutritional supplements and fun healthy snacks. You will receive 3-4 nutritional items and healthy snacks in each WODBOM, along with 2-3 apparel/accessory items to try out. For more information go to www.wodbom.com

I have to admit that I am truly impressed with this box. I received the following:

PB2 a powdered peanut butter that is high in protein and would make a great after workout snack. This peanut butter powder is all natural with no additives. A $4.50 value. http://www.bellplantation.com/

Rokfit Appareael United by Fitness tank top. This tank is super soft and really comfy when you are exercising. I love the fit and quality of this tank. Check out their full line here www.rokfit.com. A $27.00 value.

Break Parallel The Hook Grip creates a powerful and safe barbell grip. Made with 100% cotton. You can find this product and others from their line at store.breakparallel.com A $27.00 value.

Phuel 5.0 Muscle Science Foam is great for sore muscle therapy. A $11.00 value. Check out more of their products here www.phuel5.com

Wod Brand Cedarwood Eucalyptus Bar Soap is made from all natural oils and Shea butter. This soap smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft and clean. A $6.50 value. Check out more products at www.shopwodbrand.com.

Kakookies Almond Cranberry is a toasted almond and chewy coconut complimented with cranberry and hints of chocolate that is high in protein. A $3.oo value. Check out more of their products at www.kakookies.com and use coupon code WODBOM for 20% off.

Protes Protein Chips a splash of citrusy goodness paired with a nice spicy kick of chili. A $1.50 value. Find these and other products at www.eatprotes.com.