Benefits of Matcha Tea


There are many health benefits of drinking matcha green tea. They include mental alertness/clarity and better immune defense. Matcha promotes relaxation and helps promote prevention and treatment of many medical conditions including but not limited to bacterial, fungal and viral infections, cancer and diabetes. It also helps in maintaining heart health and works as an amazing energy booster which is great for weight loss. Matcha tea bushes are grown inside to reduce the amount of sunlight from reaching the plant which reduces the rate of photosynthesis and helps slow the growth of the tea bush. This makes the leaves a darker shade of green and stimulates the production of chlorophyll and amino acids. By doing this it allows the tea to achieve the maximum of health benefits.  Therefore since you are drinking the whole plant even the leaves (ground to a fine powder) just one cup of matcha equals the benefits of drinking ten cups of green tea. But if drinking Matcha is not really an enjoyable experience you can add it to smoothies, milk shakes, baking, oatmeal, or lattes and adding honey to help sweeten.  I have added the blueberry and raspberry matcha tea to my diet to help aide in my weight loss and better health journey.

Simplicity Teas: Teas with intentions


I received this wonderful box of teas from Simplicity Teas. Simplicity Teas is a monthly subscription box  ($14.99 a month) that allows you to taste test each tea- for tea lovers they recommend the Tea Enthusiast package. Each purpose themed package comes with three to four .5 oz specialized loose leaf teas. Your first package comes with a unique tea infuser. Each package is created with an intention in mind such as optimized digestion, beauty, detoxification, or getting the best sleep of your life. Each tea is organic, hand curated with herbs to provide a specific purpose (besides just tasting great!) to help improve a certain facet of your life and help you reach your health goals. Discover new and exciting flavors of teas! Simplicity Teas are created in small batches, packaged with love and each package provides you with roughly 15-20 cups of tea.

I really love the Simplicity Tea box because I am a huge tea drinker and love to try new combinations. I love how they have different blends for morning and night. They also have Sweet Tooth Pleaser that tastes like gingersnaps but without all those calories. The Good Choice tea is great to help curb your appetite and reduce those snack cravings. I really enjoyed try all these wonderful teas.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product.*

Copper Health Copper Knee Sleeve


I have stuck to my fitness routine for almost two months now. I even have commit to at least five days a week to the treadmill and yoga. All of this does make my knees a little sore. I  have read a lot about copper compression sleeves and thought that I should give them a try.  I found Copper Health copper knee sleeve  for a great price and decided to add this to my treadmill routine. After only one use I could tell a huge difference and will use this brace every time I run. I could tell a huge difference in not only the swelling that I usually have is gone but the pain is gone also. If you are looking for a copper sleeve that will help with pain and swelling than you should give Copper Health copper knee sleeve a try.

Wodbom Box Review


Wodbom is a monthly fitness box designed to help you discover new workout gear, nutritional supplements and fun healthy snacks. You will receive 3-4 nutritional items and healthy snacks in each WODBOM, along with 2-3 apparel/accessory items to try out. For more information go to

I have to admit that I am truly impressed with this box. I received the following:

PB2 a powdered peanut butter that is high in protein and would make a great after workout snack. This peanut butter powder is all natural with no additives. A $4.50 value.

Rokfit Appareael United by Fitness tank top. This tank is super soft and really comfy when you are exercising. I love the fit and quality of this tank. Check out their full line here A $27.00 value.

Break Parallel The Hook Grip creates a powerful and safe barbell grip. Made with 100% cotton. You can find this product and others from their line at A $27.00 value.

Phuel 5.0 Muscle Science Foam is great for sore muscle therapy. A $11.00 value. Check out more of their products here

Wod Brand Cedarwood Eucalyptus Bar Soap is made from all natural oils and Shea butter. This soap smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft and clean. A $6.50 value. Check out more products at

Kakookies Almond Cranberry is a toasted almond and chewy coconut complimented with cranberry and hints of chocolate that is high in protein. A $3.oo value. Check out more of their products at and use coupon code WODBOM for 20% off.

Protes Protein Chips a splash of citrusy goodness paired with a nice spicy kick of chili. A $1.50 value. Find these and other products at