Looking for stylish phone cases? Casely is the one for you!


So loves, if you are like me you can never have enough phone cases. I sometimes even match them to my outfit or mood. That is why I am always on the lookout for new cases at affordable prices. When I found CaselyI knew I had to try out their monthly subscription box.  I received my first box and was instantly amazed at the quality! I find that for the price this is an amazing easy way to add a new addition to my phone case stash. So, if you are a phone case lover like me you should give them a try for yourself!


For $15 a month plus free shipping to the U.S you get: Build a collection of protective cases (without breaking the bank) to always have the perfect case for any occasion

  • Casely has 3 different packages that offer a Monthly Plan delivering a new case every month and a Seasonal Plan delivering a new case every 3 months — Both plans are $15/Casely (easily skip a month or cancel at anytime!)
  • They also have a 3-month prepaid plan for $14/month (renews every 3 months!)
  • All of Casely’s cases are made of hard polycarbonate backing & TPU sides so they extremely durable and protective!
  • You can customize your Casely profile by choosing any of these 3 style options:
    • Classic:  case with marble styles or simple patterns
    • Bold & Adventurous: cases with brighter colors & funkier designs
    • Up for Anything!: both Classic and Bold & Adventurous cases
  • Past subscription styles are sold in their  “Vintage Casely” retail shop; 4 new styles are released each month on the 15th
  • They ship free to US & $10 flat rate to anywhere worldwide
  • Additional device options coming soon!




CocoMelody Prom Dresses

I am really loving the CocoMelody prom dresses this prom season. They have a wide variety of styles and colors making it easier to find the one you love. CocoMelody is a truly one of a kind boutique with reasonably priced dresses that are of high quality. They even ship worldwide and right now they have free shipping with any purchase over $199, just use coupon code free199ship. So if you are looking for that perfect prom dress you should check out CocoMelody!


Safety First for Female Joggers


I love to run or jog and try to everyday. I feel that this form of exercise is like therapy for me but without the cost. Running helps me to clear my mind and let go of all the stress life sometimes brings. However, this form of exercise can bring some scary moments when you feel volnerable due to being alone without any way of protecting yourself if an assault or attack was to occur. I have come up with a few ideas that could help make your daily run or jog less worrisome. There are many new tech gadgets out there and some are great and keeping you safe. I found the Wearsafe Tag that is a device that you clip onto your running belt or waistband and is connected to an app. If you get into a scary situation then you just click the device. Then the device will send live audio and your location to preselected friends and family. Also, I found Sabre Runner Personal Alarm which is a belt that as an alarm that is so loud it can travel father than your voice. All you have to do is will the ring to activate. This belt is good if you like to run or jog in remote areas or on trails that have spots where there is not a lot of people around. Another item I found is Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio , this tracker as a GPS tracker that tracks your footsteps as you leave them and guides you back to your starting point so you will never get lost again. You can also preload trails in unfamiliar areas. I feel these three devices are a great addition to any runner or joggers routine.

Lulus New Spring Arrivals and Coupon Code

Lulus new spring arrivals were just added! I love the classic and easy to wear spring line that Lulus has managed to achieve this season. I really am loving the cool neutral colors and flowy fabrics. All Lulus clothing is reasonably priced and high quality. If you are looking for a fun collection to add to your spring wardrobe collection, this is the place for you. Right now you can use coupon code take15 at checkout for $15 off your purchase!

Milanoo Prom Dresses

Milanoo.com currently has all their prom and wedding dresses up to 70% off. I love the choices they have both in color and design style. You can choose something short and fun or long and elegant. Check them out if you are looking for an affordable prom or wedding dress!