The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Review

20170407_175100Hello loves! I recently visited my local TJ Maxx and found some wonderful finds. I thought I would share these lovely bath salts with you. The Scottish Fine Soaps Company is located in Scotland and ships worldwide. They have an amazing selections for both men and women. Their company is family owned and been in business for over forty years. They use high quality ingredients with contemporary Scottish style to create bath and beauty collections that will make you look, feel, and smell fantastic. The two products I found are Au Lait Milk and Honey Bath Salts and Sea Kelp Bath Salts. They smell so amazing and leave my skin so silky smooth, not greasy. I really look forward to trying more from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company and their other product lines. You can check them out for yourselves HERE.

Shady Creek Farm Etsy Review + 20% coupon code

20170406_142530_resizedOne of my favorite past times is looking on Etsy for organic beauty supplies. I even search the internet for ways to add organic and natural oils or products to my daily beauty routine. While searching on Etsy, I found Shady Creek Farm. I really found their story to be inspiring because they do not use synthetic chemicals. Shady Creek Farm sells soaps, handmade washcloths, salves,  and laundry soaps. They are based here in the US and located in Dallas, NC.  Recently they sent me a package of goodies from their shop and I was thrilled! My goodie box had three of their handmade essential oil soaps, a handmade washcloth, goat milk unscented laundry soap, and a handmade cup cozy.  I must admit that the quality of the work on the handmade washcloth and cup cozy is outstanding. I really like the feel of the washcloth when I washed my face. I found it to be soft and not ruff on my skin. The cup cozy is a really great addition to my morning coffee/tea mug. I felt like it really made holding the hot mug a lot easier and I could enjoy my beverage while it was really warm. Now I must admit that my favorite items in this box is the essential soaps. They smell so amazing, but not over powering. I really like the Tea Tree Eucalyptus Soap and found it to have great exfoliating properties for my skin. I also received the Goat Milk Unscented Laundry Soap. I tried this on a load of towels and they came out of the dryer very soft. I really like that the laundry soap is unscented because so laundry soaps are too over powering and that runs the aroma therapy baths that I take. I found that this Etsy shop is one that I will shop at again very soon. So loves, if you are looking for a great way to add or introduce organic beauty items and laundry soaps to your daily routine, then this is the shop for you. I have listed the items and links to all products I received below so that you can check them out for yourselves. Also if you use coupon code LOVELY20 you can receive 20% off your purchase. **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

Items I received for review:

WASHCLOTH cotton washcloth, handmade wash cloth, crochet wash cloth, cotton wash cloth Shady Creek Farm eco friendly

Goat Milk Soap Oatmeal and Honey Soap, Handmade Soap, All Natural Soap, Face Soap, Oatmeal Soap, Oat Soap, Goat Soap Unscented Soap

Lemongrass Soap Goat Milk Soap All Natural Soap Gift Handmade Soap Essential Oil Soap Cold Process Soap

Handmade Soap Tea Tree Eucalyptus Soap

Natural Laundry Powder Detergent Alternative – Laundry Soap – 32/64 Loads

CocoMelody Prom Dresses

I am really loving the CocoMelody prom dresses this prom season. They have a wide variety of styles and colors making it easier to find the one you love. CocoMelody is a truly one of a kind boutique with reasonably priced dresses that are of high quality. They even ship worldwide and right now they have free shipping with any purchase over $199, just use coupon code free199ship. So if you are looking for that perfect prom dress you should check out CocoMelody!


Daily Goodie Box March 2017


I recently found out about Daily Goodie Box from a friend. This company sends you free samples at absolutely no charge in exchange for your honest opinion of the products. You are not required to enter a credit card it is absolutely free. Each box contains a combination of full and sample size products for you to try out. To receive a Daily Goodie Box, you just go their site and answer a few questions. Whether or not you receive a box is based on several factors. Once you receive your box you simply log on and let them know what you thought of the products. Here is a list of the products I received in the March 2017 box.

Pipcorn Popcorn Mini Sea Salt . I like that it is a healthier snack, but there isn’t much flavor. I don’t think I would purchase it even though I really love popcorn. 

Gertrude Hawk – Peanut Butter Meltaway Bar. I really like this peanut butter chocolate bar. It has a really great chocolate flavor and the peanut butter is really creamy.

True Natural – Benecos Natural Beauty Lip Gloss. The shade I received is rose garden, it is a purple pink color. This lip gloss goes on really smoothly and has great coverage wear. I really like the creamy texture.

Bhakti – Yerba Maté Chai Artisan Tea. I received fourteen tea bags in a lovely metal tin. The smell of this tea is amazing and tastes better then it smells.

Miss Jones – Organic Cookie Mix. I really like that this cookie mix is organic. All you need is one egg and a stick of butter, along with this mix to make yummy chocolate chip cookies. I like that the directions are easy to follow. I will definitely buy these soon.

Elemental Herbs – All Good Organic Skin Food. I applied this after my bath. This coconut oil made my skin feel so soft and smell so good. I did not feel greasy, just silky smooth. This is a great way to prevent dry skin.

Savant Naturals – Savi Crisp Chocolate Protein Bar. This protein bar is more like a sweet afternoon snack then a protein bar. I love the taste and texture of this bar.

Wild Foods – Cocotropic, Chocolate Nootropic Drink. I really like how you can add this to water, tea or coffee for a sweet addition. The taste is really good but not to over powering.

RunGum – Energy Gum. I am a huge fan of this performance gum. I used it before my daily run and felt like it gave me added energy. The taste is ok, not a big fan. I will purchase this for my future runs.

Älsa – Energy Drink Mix.  I like the easy to carry and open packaging. I can carry them with my throughout the day and add to my bottle water.  The taste is really good and very flavorful. A great low calorie addition to your diet!




Fitness Finds from ProSource


Fitness, for me, is not just about the workout, but overall muscle health. I need to have a positive mental state so that I will have the will power and want to better myself. I experience aches and pains from my many different types of workout routines. I always like to switch things up so I will not get bored. I am unaware of what is causing my discomfort and pain so I am not sure how to treat it. That is why I am always on the search for any tools or massages that can help to relieve my pain. I can’t afford a professional message after each workout or yoga session. That is why I am glad I found ProSource! They have a wide variety of foam rollers, massage balls, arched back stretchers and acupressure mats. I highly recommend trying them out.