Brenda Novak Reader Subscription Box for November 2017 – Review

20171105_220905.jpgMonthly Subscription to Brenda Novak’s Professional Reader Boxes:

This is a monthly subscription box service for Brenda Novak’s Online Book Group. Each month they hand select several reader related items to put in these boxes, including your choice of the month’s book selection. Each month, you will choose between an autographed copy of the group’s current read or an autographed Brenda Novak book specially selected for that month. If Brenda Novak has a new release coming out, then the option will be either an autographed copy of her new release or the autographed book from her backlist that has been selected for that month. There will be a surprise gift that you won’t know about until you receive the box. One random person each month will receive an even “bigger” mystery gift.

As a monthly subscriber, you will receive first choice in which book you would like. They will start with who signed up first and then move to more recent sign ups. They will send you an email with the options a month prior to mailing out the boxes. They will mail out the boxes on the first of each month. Currently they are only set up to accept credit card payments and subscriptions can only be bought alone, not in combination with other products. In other words, if you’d like other products, you’ll need to handle that in a separate transaction.


I really enjoyed receiving this reader box and loved all the surprises that were inside. I received two autographed books. One is Brenda’s new book Right Where We Belong and Denise Hunter’s Sweetbriar Cottage.

Right Where We Belong Savanna Gray needs a do-over. Her “perfect” life unraveled when, to her absolute shock, her husband was arrested for attacking three women. With her divorce settled, she takes her two children home to Silver Springs to seek refuge between the walls of the farmhouse where she was born. It needs a little TLC, but she’s eager to take control of something. Gavin Turner understands the struggle of starting over. Abandoned at a gas station when he was five, it wasn’t until he landed at New Horizons Boys Ranch as a teen that he finally found some peace. He steps up when Savanna needs help fixing things—even when those things go beyond the farmhouse. Despite an escalating attraction to Gavin, Savanna resolves to keep her distance. She trusted her ex, who had a similarly tragic background, and is unwilling to repeat her past mistakes. But it’s hard to resist a man whose heart is as capable as his hands.   GOODREADS  AMAZON

Sweetbriar Cottage When Noah and Josephine Mitchell discover their divorce was never actually finalized, their lives are turned upside down. Following his divorce, Noah gave up his dream job, settling at a remote horse ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia, putting much-needed distance between himself and the former love of his life. But then Noah gets a letter from the IRS claiming he and Josephine are still married. When he confronts Josephine for the first time in months, they discover that she missed the final step in filing the paperwork and they are, in fact, still married.
Josephine is no happier about the news than Noah. Maybe the failed marriage—and okay, the botched divorce—was her fault, but her heart was shattered right alongside his, more than he would ever believe. The sooner they put this marriage behind them, the better for both of their sakes. But when Josephine delivers the final paperwork to his ranch, the two become stranded in his cottage during the worst spring snowstorm in a decade. Being trapped with Josephine is a test of Noah’s endurance. He wrestles with resentment and an unmistakable pull to his wife—still beautiful, still brave, and still more intriguing than any woman he’s ever known. As they find themselves confronted with each other and their shared past, old wounds surface and tempers flare. But when they are forced out into the storm, they must rely on each other in a way they never have before. Josephine finally opens up about her tragic past, and Noah realizes she’s never been loved unconditionally by anyone—including him.  Will Noah accept the  challenge 
to pursue Josephine’s heart? And can she finally find the courage to trust Noah? GOODREADS  AMAZON

I was really impressed with all the wonderful surprises that were in this lovely box!

There was a recipe and spice packet to make apple cider. Along with two charming glasses. I also received a lovely cake server (not pictured).



I really loved this cure fall themed baby bib and feel it would be a great gift for any little one. The bib has turkeys and says “Gobble til you wobble”.

Overall, I found this box to be well worth the monthly subscription price. The added surprises were a lovely touch to this wonderful box. I really like that you have the choice of adding a new release book or one of her other books from her collection. Novak is an amazing writer! I have read several of her books and cannot wait to read this one. I found them to be excellent stories that were easy to get lost in and hard to put down. If you are looking for a monthly subscription book box with autographed books and lovely surprises than this is the box for you. Click here to order yours!

** I received a complimentary box in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS AND I WILL BE COMPENSATED IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE AFTER CLICKING ON MY LINKS. **

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