BookCase.Club for Kids September 2017 – Review and 15% off Coupon Code


BookCase.Club has a Kids Box where they bring the savings and monthly fun of BookCase to children of all ages. Each case is custom made based on your child’s age and gender, and ships with 3 handpicked books every month for only $9.99 plus shipping. August’s box had three hardback books that were very well made and high quality. I received one large book and two smaller books that were equally entertaining.

The books I received this month are:

Who Does Baby See? As babies grow up, they meet so many people (and pets!) that they will never forget. Meet the people that baby sees in this sweet book featuring adorable photographs of babies!

My Rubber Ducky In this adorable and vibrantly illustrated board book, children will love to read all about a much-loved rubber ducky and it’s big adventure.

My Turtle and Me  An interactive light book based on the bestselling TWILIGHT TURTLE by Cloud B. I snuggle with my turtle and hug him real tight. He cuddles next to me and hugs me right back. My turtle shines when we hug! Made in association with Cloud B, the baby sleep specialists, follow a young child and his turtle as they do everything together! Includes a turtle-shaped night light visible on every page, just like the real thing. Please Note : The turtle lights up not only when you pull the tab but you need to push down on the turtles shell to turn the light on or off.

This is an amazing monthly book subscription box for kids and parents to enjoy. BOOKCASE.CLUB for kids would make a perfect gift for any young reader.


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