Review of The ICB Blessed Garden Bible by Thomas Nelson

_225_350_Book.2299.coverThe ICB Blessed Garden Bible by Thomas Nelson is a beautiful way for little girls to carry the full text of Scripture with them. Its beautiful cover design with multiple foils and glitter will delight any young girl as she reads and learns God’s Word from the Bible children can read and understand, the International Children’s Bible® translation. The International Children’s Bible® translation, the Bible kids can read and understand, has been a favorite of kids, parents, and teachers. With its easy-to-read text, the ICB has a third-grade reading level, making it the ideal translation for children beginning to read and learn Bible.The ICB Blessed Garden Bible is a full-text ICB Bible with swirling, floral details, foil, glitter, and winsome illustrations. This will appeal to both moms and daughters, as it capitalizes on an organic garden trend. Inside features 24 colorful pages of study help inserts, including a presentation page for personalizing. Young girls will enjoy this softer more sophisticated look as she reads God’s message of love just for her!

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My thoughts: This is a beautiful bible for little girls! The lovely cover is illustrated with animals and colorful flowers. I really like the beautiful butterflies. I really like how this bible is explained so clear that it is easy for little ones to understand. Overall, I found this study bible to be of high quality and would make a lovely gift to for ay little girl. **I received a complimentary copy of this bible from book look in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**




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