Release Day Blitz Beautiful Corpse by eden Hudson

Beautiful Corpse: A Jubal Van Zandt Novel, Book  Two

by Eden Hudson
Genre: Fantasy – Cyberpunk /
Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: Shadow Alley Press Inc     
Date of Publication: June 9, 2017
The best thief in the history of the Revived Earth is back, and his time it’s personal. A deadly plague is ravaging the  world’s population and threatening to kill the only person Jubal Van Zandt  cares about—himself. If he doesn’t find a cure soon, he’s dead. The most promising lead is buried in the ruins of an ancient sunken city stalked by savage predators, cunning
parasites, and the twisted souls of long-dead mages. It would take an army to get Jubal inside … or just one of the most renowned knights in Guild history.  The one Jubal betrayed and left for dead eighteen months ago.
First Jubal has to convince her not to kill him. Then he has to convince her to help save him.

I  motored  the  Mangshan  between  a  pair  of  thorny  locust trees  that  served  as  the   end  posts  for the  fence  marking the southern  boundary  of   the  Xiao  family’s  ancestral  holdings. Carina  thought she  could  avoid me  by  ignoring my  messages  and staying holed  up  out  here  in  the  middle  of  nowhere. Pretty ridiculous considering  how  well  she  knew  me.At  the  end  of  the  driveway,  the  trees  pulled  back  to  reveal a  traditional  wet-country  house—long  and  low, enclosed  by  a eathered
wooden  porch  complete  with  steel  sliding-panel  storm walls.  Today  the  storm  walls  had  been  thrown  open  wide,  letting the  meager  sunlight  shine  onto the  house’s  creamy  parchglass  and wood  exterior  walls
I  parked  the  ’Shan  at  the  end  of  an  ancient  stone  walkway that  had  been buckled  by  the  unpredictable  water  table, and hooked  my  helmet and  ventilator  over  the  handlebars.  It  had
taken  me  almost  an  hour  to  get  way  the  hell  out  here  from  Taern— and  that  was  running  the  ’Shan  wide  open,  without  any  traffic.
Why  Carina  would  want  to  live  so  far  out  in  the  soggies  that  she could  smell  the  fishshit,  I  couldn’t  fathom.Fire  threw  open  blast  doors  all  through  my
body.  Heat,  the most  perfect  heat,  swirled  in  my  veins,  warming  me  inside  out. There  was  even
a  taste,  sweet  and  spicy  and  little  ashy,  like ember  dust  mixed  with  wrackrath  smoke.
My  eyes  flew  open  and  I  sucked  in  a  damp  lungful  of  country air,  trying  to  catch  up  on  the  oxygen  I’d
missed  while  I  was out.  I  checked  my  wristpiece.  The  attack  had  only  lasted  a  few seconds.  Less  than  a  minute,  definitely.

About the Author:

I am invincible. I am a mutant. I  have 3 hearts and was born with no eyes. I had eyes implanted later. I didn’t  have hands, either, just stumps. When my eyes were implanted they asked if I would  like hands as well and I said, “Yes, I’ll take those,” and pointed  with my stump. But sometimes I’m a hellbender peeking out from under a rock.  When it rains, I live in a music box. But I’m also a tattoo-addict,
coffee-junkie, drummer, and aspiring skateboarder. Jesus actually is my  homeboy.

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