Coping with Fame and Success!

So, you created your blog, post almost daily about the things you love and what interests you. Everyone should enjoy your happiness along with you but that is not always the case. In this world, we live in today there are haters (stalkers). They will hate you for any success you achieve no matter how small or how larger. Some even become so obsessed with you that they will start to attack you and your fame. They will do anything they can to sabotage your success and popular. They will spend more hours searching for you on the internet than they do living their own lives. When this happens, you have two choices. One let this destroy you, which is what they what to happen or you can choose to ignore them and live your life for you. Now I will admit that this is hard to do because face it some things are easier said than done. I have a few ideas to help you deal with that fame. First, take a minute to reflect of the nature of your fame and success. How did you achieve your success, all the time and hard work you put into your blog writing and posting what you love, what interests you.  Next, don’t let the negative effect you keep up all your normal daily habits like exercise, yoga or reading to name a few. Third, learn not to make judgements or criticize them personally. More than anything, a reaction is what they want. They want to know they are getting to you. Now this is a hard one but you can channel that criticism into something productive like another amazing post. Another way to help deal with all the negativity is to keep a tight inner circle. Know who your real friends are and keep them close. Once you find that friend who has your back keep them close because in this day and age true friends are hard to find. I know that these tips will not work for everyone and sometimes it takes a more formal approach to deal with the haters and stalkers. There are many resources out there that can help you when things become this intense but not all are this bad.

**Don’t let anyone treat you like pond water, you are fiji water okay**

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