Detention Land: Lip Service by Susan Orion

cover111422-medium.pngDetention Land: Lip Service by Susan Orion

SYNOPSIS: Roger is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Unable to fit in at school or at home, this teen genius ends up in detention indefinitely, where the only human interaction he has is with the voice of a woman behind the wall. This is Detention Land. Trapped in a room of clever lies, unlikely confessions, and a whole lotta lip, the only way to escape is by uncovering the truth. Four walls, two voices, one chance. Who is the woman behind the wall? Solve the puzzle. Save the boy. With access to the private journals of a disturbed teen genius, the reader is transported into the secret world of teenage psychology, experiencing the detention room unravel, brick by brick, piece by piece. Inspired by bizarre true events, Detention Land is a masterfully written novel that seamlessly weaves humor, suspense, and observations on life. A true work of genius.

My thoughts: The main character Roger manages to create havoc once again, this time drawing a nude picture of his teacher, he is sent to the detention closet. Poor Roger is stuck in detention forever, at least it feels that way to Roger in the book. While Roger is in the closet he hears a disembodied voice speak to him through the wall.  This chance encounter makes the book even more fun to read. I found this a very funny read that made me laugh a lot through out. I really enjoyed reading this book. **I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.**


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