Bodshaperz Chocolate Whey Protein Packets

2017-03-15-22-10-47I recently had the opportunity to try Bod Shaperz Chocolate Whey Protein Packets and was very impressed. I waited until after my daily run and mixed the protein packet in my shaker bottle with cold water. The taste and smoothness were the first things I noticed. I feel like most protein powders taste like chalk, but not this one. I felt as if I was tasting a real chocolate candy bar. This made my run even better! The protein packet is a great way for me to get the extra protein I need. I am glad I found this company and look forward to trying their new product flavors to come.  Bodshaperz is a family owned and operated company that is locate here in the US.  They are certified fitness trainers and pharmacist with 33 years of experience. They also provide you with workout plans, and meal suggestions on a monthly basis. I find protein powder a great addition to my fitness routine.

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