The Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho


the last seekerThe Last Seeker by Fleur Camacho is one of those books that will stay with you. The main character is a boy named Tristen. He is this awkward and naïve guy that is extremely close with his family. He is the type of guy who will help whenever he is needed without being ask to. He is currently taking care of his sick mom. Tristen is horrible around girls and really does not have a clue when it comes to girls in general.  One day he gets assigned a partner on a history project. This partner turns out to be Alley and he is terrified.  No matter how frightened he feels this bizarre pull towards her even though she already has a boyfriend. But this pull does not feel like the romantic kind.  Soon a new girl come to school and Tristen also finds himself drawn to as well. This friendly relationship starts off good but given that he has no clue when it comes to girls. This goes terrible wrong when the new girl is also placed in the same group for the history project.  During the history project things seem to take a strange turn. Then all three of them find themselves in 15th century France with no clue how they got there or how to get home. This book as so many twists and turns that you are not sure how it will end. I found that the ending was a huge surprise to me. I loved it!  ** I received this book free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.**

(from  Tristen discovers that he has a magic so ancient and rare that he’s the last one, the only one, to have it in this lifetime. It’s a power so astounding that, under the wrong influence, the future of whole world could be at risk. Only one thing can trigger this ancient magic, and she just showed up. The Last Seeker is the first book in a YA superhero series. If you like romance, teen angst and time travel adventures, then you’ll love this book. Buy The Last Seeker to start the magic and intrigue today!

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