BookCase.Club for Kids March 2017


All the monthly magic of BookCase.Club is now for children of all ages! Delight your child with a monthly shipment of handpicked books they are sure to love. Each of BookCase.Club  #BCCKids cases come with three handpicked children’s books, chosen to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity. Instill a love of the written word in your child with our fun monthly shipment. You can save 15% off your purchase by using coupon code PATTI15.

Step 1:Choose a Theme

Select one of BookCase.Club themes for your monthly shipment. Be sure to sign up before the 26th of the month to ensure you receive the next shipment.

Step 2: Choose a Term

Bookcase.Club offer month to month subscriptions, plus 3, 6 and 12 month plans. All of their plans can be paused if you need to catch up on your reading.

Step 3: Open, Read, Share!

All of Bookcase.Club ship on the 1st of the month. So sit back, relax, and enjoy their amazing selections. Be sure to share the experience with #BCCUNBOXING!

My March 2017 Books

Cheep! Cheep! by Julie Stiegemeyer (from Three little chicks are sound asleep when they hear a mysterious cheep! But who could it be? Babies and toddlers can follow along as the three chicks set out to investigate. Plush collage figures in nursery-room colors look soft enough to cuddle up to, while sturdy card-stock pages and safely rounded corners will hold up to repeated readings.

A Book of Babies by II Sung Na (from When the flowers begin to bloom
and the world starts turning green, animals everywhere are born including the noisy ducklings!

A Bed for Bear by Clive McFarland  (from Children will fall in love with Bernard, the sleepy bear with a simple wish, in A Bed for Bear. It’s time for Bernard to hibernate, but the bear cave is too crowded, too quiet, and too uncomfortable. So Bernard sets out to search the forest for the perfect bed for winter. But all he discovers are spots too windy, too wet, and too wild for him until he realizes that the perfect bed for a bear was right in front of him all along. With simple text and evocative illustrations by debut author-illustrator Clive McFarland, this heartwarming picture book is a perfect part of any bedtime routine.

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