Glo Minerals Cream Stay Shadow Sticks and Precise Micro Browliner



When I choose an eyeshadow or eyebrow liner, I look for one that blends well and is long wearing. I also look for ones that are heavily pigmented so that they color is really strong. When I found Glo Minerals I was really excited to try them because I am loving mineral makeups right now. These Glo Minerals shadow sticks are really easy to use and even easier to blend multiple ones together for a more dramatic look. The wear is at least 10 hours. I will admit they are a little harder to remove at the end of the day but that is nothing considering I did not have to worry about my eyeshadow all day. The Glo Minerals browliner are equally impressive. They are very easy to apply and blend for a more natural look. I really love that you can use two colors to blend a more natural look to your hair color. If you are looking for a really good quality makeup then Glo Minerals is the line for you.

I am obsessed with this browliner and I highly recommend checking it out at!

I highly recommend that you check out these eyeshadow sticks at!


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