Whole Earth Ingredients Face and Body Mud Mask Review


Whole Earth Ingredients is a company that believes in organic natural products without harmful chemicals.

This mud mask is 100% natural with no additives or fragrances and no animal testing.

This mask helps to tighten skin, remove impurities from pores, lifts acne and blackheads into the clay, and nourishes skin with over 50 minerals. You can use this product for body wraps, foot soak, clay bath, and chill clay for knee or joint packs. You can apply this product on mosquito bites, bug bites, bee stings, sunburn, poison ivy, heat rashes, and cover with bandage.

I got this mud mask and decided to use it as a face mask since I love facial masks. I am so happy with this mask, it dries hard so that you know it is working. My skin was so smooth and soft after using this product. I can tell a huge difference in the appearance of my pores. This is really a great facial mud mask! Go check out this mask and more Whole Earth Ingredients products at www.wholeearthingredients.com.

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